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20 Jun 2021

Start on

APRIL 11 2021


11 weeks

23 hours

Course Highlight

  • Ceramics Design Exercises 

  • Graduation Show 

DESIGN THINKING ON CERAMICS Programme invites students to develop a design thinking mindset within their ceramics journey. Students are encouraged to think creatively as well as practically. Not only developing their aesthetics but also satisfying the functional aspects of pottery. This programme allows your creativity to shape your pottery. It begins with finding inspiration by researching different contemporary artworks and exploring the design elements within ceramics making, such as forms, texture, lines & colours. Ultimately, students can develop their own signature style. 


Programme Experiences 


4.5 hours of face-to-face lectures, giving an introduction about idea development & design thinking


In the 18.5 hours tutorials, students will explore the design elements along with ceramics exercises, including vase design, tile design and colour scheme development


A  mini-exhibition at the end of the programme for students to showcase what they have learnt!

About the Lecturer


CLARA SUC - Creative Director, Art & Design Lecturer

Clara has over 18 years of experience in advertising, she is a creative director in an agency for about 7 years. Working at some of the most awarded international agencies across Great China, like Mccann World group in Shanghai, Bates in Beijing, and HK 4A’s agencies, like Leo Burnett, JWT.

She was also a part-time tutor in the School of design of Polytechnic University, the course of Design Thinking & Methodology, Cultural Research, Art & Design History, Visual Culture (2000-14). And, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Art Direction of MSSc in Advertising (2017-18).

Clara is also a potter with 8 years in ceramics. She also devotes herself to ceramics education recently as being a part-time tutor at Tung Yao Ceramics Design Studio.

Who should attend? 


This programme is specially designed and welcomes all ceramics lovers who wish to learn and evolve their design knowledge. Specifically for those who, 

  • have solid pottery skills and wish to improve their artworks by adding personal characteristics

  • have an idea in mind but cannot execute 

  • thinking of becoming a professional ceramist

  • wish to strengthen the foundation of art & design knowledge 

  • lack of understanding on design elements - Form, Line & Colour

*** To ensure the programme quality, the maximum intake for this programme is 10 students.  Invitation or referral is required for participation. If you are interested in this programme, please fill in the form below. 


If it is over 10 applications, an internal selection of participant will be carried out. 

Programme Summary

Start date: April 11 2021

Time: Every Sundays from 2 pm 

Duration: 11 weeks

Venue: 3/F, Tung Yao Ceramics Design Studio(No.4 Po Yan Street, Sheung Wan)

Programme Fee 

HKD12,800 per person

*3-months instalment could be applied. 

*For Tung Yao Ceramics's Member: HKD9,800 per person 



Sign up

An invitation is required for participation. If you are interested in this programme, please fill in the form below.

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